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22 September 2007 @ 11:22 am
Looking for recs!  
During the last year, akatonbo moved in with me, and finally got around to making progress in Suikoden II, and then beating it. And you know how these things go - now we've got another fan.

Thing is, she's all about the Matilda Knights, particularly Miklotov. Me, I'm all about the booze-swilling mercs in this series, and didn't have that much interest in the knights - so I didn't know where to find fanstuff for them back in the day, let alone now that they're old news. And in the meantime, she's convinced me that we should cosplay them, and I've been researching and have got the costumes half finished already, and now I'm getting sucked into liking them a lot too - and I still don't know where the fanstuff is. Fanfiction.net was, as expected, pretty useless, and searching Google gave me a lot of false leads before I gave up.

I know Camus and Miklotov were fairly popular as a pairing, at the very least, so there has got to be some fic out there, and hopefully some of it by people who like them as characters rather than as generic yaoi stereotypes. Anyone know where to find some that's decent? Gen, yaoi, or somewhere in between all are great, just as long as the two of them are acting like knights and not teenage girls. ;)
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lilac_breeze on September 22nd, 2007 10:32 pm (UTC)
I certainly did not expect to see a Viktor icon while I was reading my friends page today. It made me smile. :D

Sadly many of the sites I used to frequent for my Suikoden needs are no longer around. I went through my old fanart folder (which I've realized needs organized quite badly) and I only found three pieces of Camus and Miklotov together, despite being a big fan of the two of them, both separately and as a pairing. Those images don't have artist information on them, so I can't even go looking to see if the site has moved or really is long gone as it seems.

Good luck finding anything! I'll be looking forward to pictures of your cosplay in the future!
Plotinus tl;dr Anon: viktormullenkamp on September 22nd, 2007 11:24 pm (UTC)
Heheh, Viktor always makes me smile - he's got a smirk that tells you he's up to something. :D

On the other hand, hmm. The response I have gotten thus far about the knights, both here and from asking Suiko-fans on my own friends list, does not bode well. Hmmmmmmm.

On the bright side, I guess this means that if we do write anything ourselves, there's certainly no fanon to worry about contradicting. :D