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This is Suikoh0. A place to fangirl/boy/person about Suikoden and Suikoden stuff.

So basically, INTELLIGENT Suikoden chitchat. Talk about the latest Suikoden book you bought, why you like Suikoden, what's the deal with Pesmerga and Yuber, or who your favourite pairing is. Comments on fanfiction? Suikoden fandom as a whole? Feel free.

Suikoh0 is now a closed community. NOTE: Please read this. If you'd like to join, please get in contact with me ( ryuudo ) or amoricalis (here). (AND THEN click on join community.) I would personally prefer you email one of us, rather than leaving notes in comments. In your email or comment, we would really appreciate if you could fill in some information about yourself, as well as a couple of answers to a couple of questions. First, Why do you want to join? And now, since that's out of the way, answer one or two of the following list:

Who is your least favourite character and why?
What is your least favourite pairing and why?
What is your favourite pairing and why?
Who is your favourite character and why?
What are your experiences in Suikoden fandom?
Which is your favourite game in the Suikoden series and why (Please do not answer unless you have played more than one!)

I don't expect pages upon pages, just a short paragraph will do. ^^;;
Anyway, we look forward to hearing from you. :D

Lo and behold, we have rules now.

1) Mark Spoilers. Big plot points of any of the games, if at all possible. Lj-cut is very easy, and with the release of Suikoden 3 - many people have come into the fandom not having played the first two, or people already in the fandom don't have a PS2, and can't play S3. And not everyone can read japanese and haven't played Suikogaiden. Edit as of August 21/04: With the release of Suikoden 4 in Japan With the release of Suikoden V, PLEASE CUT ALL SPOILERS. Even pathetically obvious ones. Please. (edited 11 nov 06, YES I'M LATE SORRY)

2) Lj-Cut your fanworks, or link to them. Art or fic. Wallpaper, winamp skins. Please.

3) This is not the place to post one line messages, nor is it the place to post/crosspost something vaguely related to Suikoden simply because.

4) This is /everyone's/ community, not just yours. That being said, posting something that is more for you probably should be reconsidered. (This relates to #3 and #6)

5) We will not give you ISOs, ROMs, mp3s, videos, etc. First off, ISOs and ROMs are really illegal, mp3s and ripped videos aren't much better but are easily found. People may post their own, on their own webspace if they like, but don't post a wonderful "I need thing X" Or beg for Sasarai wallpaper or something. If you /do/ want something, in addition to a content post, please feel free to request it, unless it's an ISO or a ROM, since I will delete/edit all posts that ask for it.

6) Muses are great, IN YOUR OWN JOURNAL, but not here. If you use them, that's fine, but only you and your close friends probably really care/understand. We would appreciate that they don't come here, unless they provide some great insight into Suikostuff.

7) No character or pair bashing without a reason. You can hate A/B but please say why, coherently and reasonably. You can hate X, and post about it, if you have a reason. Please justify your view. If you don't agree with member Y, that's okay too, but no flaming because they enjoy pairing A/B and you don't. Note: Please be aware that this community has no problems with m/m, f/f or m/f pairings. If you do, perhaps this is not the place for you - or you should choose to ignore the parts you don't like.

8)new - 26 july 06 If you want to advertise a site, that's great. If one is available, do NOT use a referral link unless you check with one of your moderators (probably ryuudo) first.

9) If you have a problem with anything, please don't hesitate to contact your moderators.

By all means, introduce yourself, we love saying hi, and we aren't cannibals. .. or maybe..? :D

This community is maintained by ryuudo, certified Suikoh0 and creator of this community, and amoricalis, who is also quite certifiable. :P

We look forward to seeing you!